We walk among them in disbelief. Those poor unfortunate souls that think they’re making a political statement standing on a helpless inanimate symbol of the very freedom that allows them to live such a protected life where they have the time to exercise such stupidity. We stand at the register in the grocery store looking at a litany of magazines caught up in what morons like Kanye and the Kardashians and are up to. We see them in the streets struggling to hurry to the job they hate in order to make payments on the car they bought to impress everyone around them. We stare blankly into the eyes of the crowd gathered outside the apple store discussing how they just can’t wait for the next new Ipersonality device to come out so they can be just that much cooler.

We stare at them on days like today, the sales, the lake trips, the grill sessions and the parties with a comfortable ambivalence and the absolute absence of fucks given. We quietly remember our fallen.

Why? Because we are walking, living breathing history. We have spent years of our lives denying ourselves the comforts of this world to deal with the ugliness of it. Just as Lorde says We’ll never be royals.

However, we have lived and walked this Earth as Gods. We will never know what it’s like to owe anyone our most prized possession………our freedom.