In the spirit of tellling the world, “WE GOT OUR WEBSITE/PAYPAL SORTED OUT”, here is an update.
We need to change the details on some of our plans.

But first, we should tell you what happened.
Our Paypal was in the name of a volunteer, who moved.
When we tried to update the details on the paypal account – they asked some questions, and we needed to update some paperwork with them. The challenge becomes – submit something, go to work. Get reply, need to wait until day off to get the paperwork they need, submit – then wait.

As a substantial amount of money had been starting to flow into the account from registrations, it behooves them from changing the name and account access details without due diligence. We understand that – but it shouldn’t have been so painful.

So, the reality came that we submitted acceptable documentation to them and are now back online. But the million dollar question is – what are we going to do now?

Early Bird registration – EXTENDED
The prices that are online now – will stay online until 1 August…. they will just become our prices and the concept of early bird is no more. We will re-assess our cash prices on “day off registration” and post that in a future update.

white long sleeve

Limited Edition Shirt
we will risk it and do a production run.
It will still be part of online registration swag, and any remaining will be for sale from our swag wagon on the trip across Canada, as well as online.


Those are the biggest impacts that this 26 day freeze on our accounts has cost us. …. the time for people to register or purchase limited time items. We feel the best thing we can do, is to ensure they are still available for those that are interested.

Thanks for staying with us this far.
please consider subscribing to the website, and our various social media outlets.

spread the word.