Hey folks,
2018 planning is well underway, and we are now looking for people to help out.  We identified many areas for improvement on the 2018 cross Canada adventure, and will work to make things better.

To acheive that success, we need your help.  We need volunteers all across Canada.

We understand the challenge of volunteering – many times, the scope of work isn’t clear, and chain of command/authority information isn’t given.

We are trying to fix that for 2018.  We are also working on the paperwork towards CRA status, and provincial raffle licences (anyone very familiar with their provinces Alcohol/lotto/gaming regulations – they are bonkers).  This means we need to make sure our structure is better than ever.

Below will list the areas of expertise/ positions/tasks.  We don’t want to pressure people, so if you are interested in a position – it can be a 2 way interview process – you can ask more questions about what it involves, and the expectations, and we can make sure you would be a good fit for the position.

National team – there are still some possible vacancies on our National planning team.   Looking for expertise in:

– maintaining visibility on pre-registration numbers, co-ordinating with regional reps to give heads up on numbers currently registered.
Operations Center
– looking for someone that can manage the surprises, and help the team react.  This position doesn’t need to be on the ride, and in fact might be better as someone that is unable to attend.


– working with the webmaster, developing the online store and managing the process to mail out orders, work with our designers for new products, work with MMI merchandiser to co-ordinate selling activities. Co-ordinate swag purchases that go out with registration packages.
National support team
– helping build the plan to provide an advance team ahead of the ride to facilitate people joining the ride mid day, co-ordinating meetup with

Provincial/regional team lead – maintaining TRB oversight over a smaller region.  There are some regions of Canada where our contact list is lacking.  NB, QC, PEI are the first ones that jump out.

Media- working with National marketing to be the subject matter expert and more local point of contact for media.
Sponsorship – working with our National sponsorship guru, to manage provincial/regional/National sponsors in your area, including tracking that we meet our goals to them.
Support/logistics – setting up advance stations for registration/merch sales etc at designated stops along the route – for a day or a week, we just need to make sure we have things set up.  Also works with National ops center to help facilitate troubleshooting/problem solving.
Social media – making sure updates get posted in your region, working with the national and provincial social media/sponsorship to make sure posts go out about our sponsors etc, also will be managing any event pages in your region.

Daily/Events – people to help on the day of execution

we will need people to sell merchandise, facilitate registration, at morning launch points, mid-day stops, and in general – just help out as the barrage passes through your area.
We need people to help the team in organizing the parties and events.

If you are unsure our rough plan, or with our overnight stops, have a look at this blog post from a couple months ago.
If you don’t see something on this list – that you have an interest in doing – it could be something that has been forgotten, or just haven’t thought about yet, let us know.  You could develop the niche task that you operate in.

As mentioned – this is about the dialogue – just because you reply and ask questions does not commit you.  We will want to make sure that you are ready, willing, and able to accept the tasks.

If you reply, please ensure you let me know where you are, and if there are certain dates you are considering being on the ride etc.

Let us know what you are thinking, and if you have any questions.

to reply – you can either
message our Facebook page
fill in our website form
email Rob – one of the planning team – planningminion@gmail.com