Turns out some people have GoPro cameras with them. Some have a passenger with a cell phone.
We thought it would be great to show you some videos and point you towards the others.

Nigel from BC, shipped his bike to Halifax, has been posting into the community/visitor section daily – here are his videos. Click on the date – and it should open in a new tab…

Day 0 – 5 August
Day 1 – 6 August
Day 2 – 7 August
Day 3 – 8 August
Day 4 – 9 August
Day 5 – 10 August
Day 6 – 11 August
Day 7- 12 August
Day 8 – 13 August
Day 9 – 14 August
Day 10 – 15 August
Day 11 – 16 August
Day 12 – 17 August
Day 13 – 18 August
Day 14 – 19 August
Day 15- 20 August
Day 16- 21 August

All dates are loaded up.

Check out the many posts from participants in the community section of our FB page. Too many people to list and thank individually – we encourage you thanking them for us in the comments….you can scroll for a long time in there… enjoy.

Full Pull Rider Chris has some videos up on his YouTube Channel. He lives in Nova Scotia and will be making his way back after the ride…. give him a sub, and watch as his adventure unfolds.

As always, we thank you for taking the time to help us in our efforts to increase the awareness of PTSD.
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