How is it that as people we can sit in the same rooms and be two worlds apart from each other. I am finding this to be a current and reoccurring issue with my wife as many of us I am sure have found us to be in the same situations. Time and time again I read stories where us as Service Members and Veterans have our worlds fall apart due to the ones we love not understanding the people that we are in todays sense of the word. How is this so possible, where have we gone wrong? Well in my beliefs I do not believe that either of us have truly gone wrong at all, I believe that we both have different expectations as to how we are supposed to act now that we are ‘different’ than society seems to think we truly should be. Aren’t we still the loving caring people that we once were? Yes, yes we are! However we tend to show that differently in the present tenths than we ever have in the past, we have changed, we have learned a love language that is different from those around us. When a Vet is in trouble or needs some advice we all tend to jump at the opportunity to help them in anyway shape or form that we possibly can. Why can we not do this for those who love us to the bone though? That answer is a little more vague at the root of the question. Why do we turn the so called ‘other cheek’ to those that we care about and surround ourselves with but we can stand tall and proud with those that we don’t even know from a world away. I find this to be tearing my current marriage to shreds with the door open for my wife to walk out and not really have a second glance. Where possibly have I gone wrong in the dealings with family? At this point I truly am not sure, even as I write this my wife sits in the room next to me not knowing what I am doing as it’s not for her concern in my mind. This is where I come to a fault and I know this but I am not sure how to approach the situation. We have to come to these crossroads in our lives from time to time to find the true person we are meant to be. I might be rambling at this point as I do not know where to go, where is my next step supposed to be. I know the things that I have to do but would I rather take that step with those I am comfortable with or would I rather share with the woman who is supposed to be in my life until my last breath. This is a crossroad that I am sure many of you have passed not knowing if you have made the correct answer but where does this discussion lead us? I leave you with this, as a help to your brothers and sisters and a discussion amongst yourselves, what do you do? Where do you leave this piece?