Coffee Mug

For The Rolling Barrage 2020 we have designed what we think will be a great addition to your every day morning, afternoon or evening routine. The Military Minds – Coffee Mug. 

Some of our supporters have already posted pictures of themselves with their Military Minds – Coffee Mug in hand. Filled with their favorite coffee, tea or whatever gets them on the go.

When you purchase any of our merchandise, proceeds goes towards initiatives in Mental Health and Wellness programs for Veterans and First Responders that Military Minds Inc supports. Without the support you give; these programs would not exist or be able to be maintained.

Please note that during this years The Rolling Barrage 2020 Ride we are not carrying this merchandise in support vehicles. Please go to our Merchandise Page on our website to purchase please.

Military Minds Inc and The Rolling Barrage Merchandise

Also when you receive your Rolling Barrage Merchandise; whether it be a Hoodie; a T-Shirt, Coffee Cup, Flag or Coin, post a picture of yourself with you new swag. We love seeing our Supporters on our Facebook Page showing off their new items.