As Military Minds Inc grows our volunteers get the opportunity to meet many amazing people and many amazing organizations. One of our many friends had the opportunity to have his tribute truck videoed by a young man, who has taken the time to create an amazing video about the tribute truck and will be donating any money made from the video to a veterans charity called Can Praxis.

Military Minds Inc believes that it is important to keep the memories of those who have fought for our rights and freedoms alive. and Edward Tucker has created an amazing piece of art with his tribute truck and by taking the time out of his busy schedule to attend events to bring awareness to PTSD and the needs of our veterans. Military Minds Inc was lucky enough to have Edward and the tribute truck attend the 2018 The Rolling Barrage Alberta leg.

We would like to ask our community to go watch the video the young man made about the truck and spread the video on social media, Lets get this video treading on social media and get the word out about PTSD and the needs of our veterans.

The Video can be found at this URL:

To find more information about the Canadian Tribute Truck please visit the Facebook page:

We would like to thank Edward Tucker for his amazing tribute and also TMPGaming & Vlogging Channel for creating this amazing video.

Posted by: Webbie