the ride is complete.
The hard work really begins now, not just math – but starting the conversations about what went right this year, what needs work for next year – and how to make it bigger, better, with a whole new level of awesomeness, next year.

The 2018 ride planners would like to thank each and every one of you that participated, personally – but it might take us awhile to track you down for a hug – so lets just know that if you were here, we would give you a hug of thanks.
Without the support of the dedicated riding community, this ride would not have happened.

There are many tasks to complete now, but there is this one thing ………

One of the tasks, we would like to ask for your help.
The Rolling Barrage can only happen due to the support of our sponsors.
We have many of them, and we need assistance to demonstrate the level of reach that the Barrage supporters can show.

For example – if you are posting your barrage photos from the ride – and the Roadtrek motorhome is in the photo – please tag them (and us too please).
If you bought some of the awesome Delta Foxtrot shirts – post a photo and tag them in it.
If attended an event, tag the venue.

I think you get the point, check out our list of sponsors and have some social media fun.

We appreciate the many businesses that help us achieve the success, help us thank them.

– Planning Minion.