One of the best parts of fundraising is the ability to believe your efforts can make a difference.
This is one of those occasions, where we feel successful in that goal.

Earlier this year, we hinted about the plans we had to donate funds, and one of the recipients was  Honour House.  Honour house is an established charity in British Columbia that started by providing housing for Veterans and First Responders while attending medical care and treatment procedures in the Greater Vancouver Region.
Expanding to provide a greater footprint, the society explored options in the interior of BC, and settled on a remote property in the Thompson River Valley that boasts over 100 acres of quiet landscape, and 10 restful cabins to provide necessary peace and quiet – Details here.

Military Minds Inc is proud to support this initiative as they grow into Honour Ranch.  So much so, that when MMI was approached by The  Canadian Walk For Veterans about who we would recommend for them to support – Honour House was on that list.

Thompson River

View across Thompson river

We encourage everyone to check out the social media of Honour House and give them a like/follow.

Thanks to everyone that participated in our past fundraisers that continue to make these levels of support possible.
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