I’ve sat back and watched as my life had fallen apart around me. Wondering what the hell had happened, yet knowing full well that my actions caused it. I’ve learned multiple times of brothers who have taken their own lives. With one as recent as just a week ago. I’ve marveled in disgust at how our respective governments have ironically allowed us to dangle in the breeze.

It brings back that deep-seated rage that comes from the betrayal of whats right. I’m talking about how humanity betrays itself on a daily basis and we are forced to live in its mire.

There are two choices in this,
1) allow it to consume you and become one of them; a soulless wolf
2) find balance and extinguish a fire that has no purpose, and watch over our brothers.

The choice is yours, but only one will bring you the peace you know you desire deep down in your soul of souls.

some fires