The Rolling Barrage 2020

TRB Latest Update


The Rolling BarrageThe Rolling Barrage (TRB) has become a rolling community. Presented by Military Minds Inc, in support of veterans, serving members and first responders, as a show of strength, and unity to conquer the stigma of PTSD.

Vimy is commonly recognized as Canada’s birthplace on the world stage as our four divisions fought together for the first time during the Great War. Success at Vimy was realized, not just because of the tenacity of its soldiers but because it employed techniques developed by Canadians, like its brilliant use of artillery fire. That rolling barrage of fire allowed the attackers to walk up the hill under its cover and take control within a short time frame.

The Rolling Barrage is about creating and maintaining our veteran and first responder community. And although we generate funds through registration, it is not our primary goal. The funds we raise go towards operational retreats across Canada.
This rolling motorcycle rally encourages veterans, serving CAF members, and first responders, to get together and confirm our sheepdog society. Brotherhood/Sisterhood is significant in any healing and this will show the spirit across the nation. However, this ride is open to ALL riders and not just military in nature. In fact, we openly invite civilian riders, as a way to show resounding support for our troops and those who answer the call every day in uniform.

2020 marks our fourth annual run across the country, and we hope to surpass the outstanding turnout we had last year.
We have met thousands of amazing Canadians. We’ve been entertained by some of the most patriotic celebrities too, like CCMA star, Julian Austin. Who has made many tours onto Canadian battlefields to play for our nations troops.
This year we have Juno award winner Clayton Bellamy putting on what will be a great show. And also Canadian veterans, The Singing Soldiers.

Canada was settled from the East to the West and our ride symbolically covers that path with the step off point in Halifax Nova Scotia to its Rally Point in Vancouver BC. Coast to Coast in 19 days. An epic motorcycle journey – a metal horse – akin to those who traveled across this land with living horses 151 years ago.

Registered riders and those who supporter, may join in at any point along the route and show a nationwide strength and unity that our Veterans, serving CAF members and first responders deserve. It is with this rolling community that we shall endeavour to conquer the stigma that surrounds PTSD and to provide care to those who need it through the service to our nation.

Please join us, this continues to be an unforgettable journey.