There is an old axiom that if things are going according to plan, something is wrong.
There is also a saying that no plan survives initial contact.

Either way, some questions have come up in the last few days that lead us to making this announcement.

First – the route plan that was developed last November was a DRAFT, and not the most up to date.  The most up to date information is on the Facebook page and most specifically in the regional EVENTS tab.  Not all regions have their information there, so we will try and update the FB page as much as possible.

Second – Rogue electrons
If you registered online – everyone had to put in their shirt size, even if you didn’t purchase a shirt, or if a shirt wasn’t included in your registration package.  It was just a glitch in the ecommerce portion of our online store.
The details of what was included in your registration package is all included in the registration post that we did when registration opened.
We apologize for the confusion, but we can’t afford to give everyone a shirt – this is a fundraiser after all.  When in doubt, look at the math of how much you spent vs what you ordered to make sure it makes sense.

Third – contacting us
We are available via FB messenger from this website, message the FB page, or email us at

I am sure there are more hiccups that will come along – and we will try to post about them on the Facebook page.

Check out our online auction there are some really cool items coming up, more will be added in the next few days.

Follow along on the electronic leash that we have attached to Scott – it drops a breadcrumb every 5 minutes – now on our home page 

Please tell your friends, and hope to see you on the road.  28 bikes were at the start point in Halifax this morning.


-Planning Minion.