As things wrap up from The Rolling Barrage 2018, Our team is working hard to get the numbers in for how many riders attended and how much we raised during the charity ride, alongside all of this our team has already started to plan for The Rolling Barrage 2019.

Coming into the year of 2019 Military Minds Inc and The Rolling Barrage are going to see big and better changes happening. We have taken all suggestions made during The Rolling Barrage 2018 charity ride and have started to add them into our plans for 2019.

As we go into this year looking at growing our efforts we have decided that our websites need a new look and feel. Due to this our websites may become unavailable at times and we would like to apologise before hand, But we would also like to remind our members that our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts will still be up and running 24/7 and our volunteers will be available on those platforms. We will always give our members notice before any planned downtime on the websites.


With that in mind if you haven’t already followed our social media accounts please take the time to do so and keep updated on the latest news about our plans for 2019, It is going to be a big year for Military Minds Inc and The Rolling Barrage.


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Military Minds Inc Twitter

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Posted By ~ Webbie