Another guest post from our Ontario Rep,
Christian Carter.
This follows from where the Hawkesbury post left off, and its big,
I mean REAL BIG.

The Rolling Barrage will be doing registrations the morning of August 11th in Hawkesbury, Ontario for those who have not registered online already and of course waivers. Yes in this day and age of lawyers and liabilities it is necessary. We anticipate on leaving Hawkesbury at around 07:30 am.

Come out and register with us from 07:00 am at:
Hawkesbury — Quality Inn
1575 Tupper St.
Hawkesbury ON
K6A 3T5

We will also have merchandise available for sale; so, you can stock up on our fine merchandise line; like T-Shirts, flags and so forth. I highly recommend stocking up, on T-Shirts and Flags because we are all going to need them for what is coming next.

Safety Briefing… ok; you don’t need the T-Shirts and Flags for the safety briefing; but we need your attention. It is very important this safety briefing especially because The Rolling Barrage will be going directly into the heart of downtown Ottawa; right into the epi-centre; Parliament Hill.

For the purposes of this blog post; I will simply call it “The Hill.”

In order to meet timings for our police escorts; possibly my detention for joking about donuts and meeting up other riding groups such as the Commando MC; timings arranged on “The Hill” and so forth, kick stands up, engines running and moving forward to our next major stop is important to maintain as close to 07:30 am depart as possible. My possible bail details can be worked out later. I’m flexible that way.

So we ride, I didn’t know Ontario could look so lovely through the bars in the back seat of a police car. Look at that; off in the distance; its… its.. Ottawa.

Yes people, Ottawa!

Home of a lot of famous people, places and things. Like Paul Anka, Margaret Atwood who is a pretty decent writer; but we have our own famous writer riding along with us in Scott Casey, Founder of The Rolling Barrage; plus does she even ride.. who knows. Who else we got here; Dan Ankroyd, great comedian; Saturday Night Live alumni. Not bad; Comedian Tom Green, who still has my car. Lorne Greene… ohhhh Voice of Doom; Ben Cartwright on Bonanza… ok… Norm Macdonald.. another comedian. Peter Mansbridge.. now there is a heavy hitter. Marc Savard – former NHL player. Let’s see going down this list of peeps.

Ok, some guy, Justin Trudeau, former drama teacher, worked in a nightclub as a bouncer, snowboard instructor.. wait.. what the f… Currently serving and 23rd Prime Minister of Canada!

Ok, so we will move on from there. Ottawa is home to NDHQ (National Defence Headquarters) and word has it; there is some guys on this ride, that knows the guy that runs that place as the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS).  Just sayin. Not dropping names or anything… just saying..

The home of the National War Museum is here too. Inside you find some pictures, equipment and a vehicle or two that some of our riders on The Rolling Barrage had used on previous tours of duty.

Ohhhh, there is the National War Monument. Wait my ride is stopping. They are letting me out. I am free. Thank you, officer, you are most kind… here is a Tim Horton’s gift card. Have a coffee and a… ok, I have to be careful of the “D” word here.

The Rolling Barrage will be paying their respects on arrival at the National War Monument. Look at all the motorcycles; flags, and people. Okay; so this is where we need you; yes you reading this. We need you here! It hasn’t happened yet.. so grammatically speaking we need you there.. then at that moment. 

National War Monument
August 11th 2019
10:00 am

From the National War Monument as a unified body we will then proceed to; Parliament Hill, “The Hill.” While on “The Hill” we have several high-profile dignitaries and speakers in attendance. Holy cow; they are changing the guard. The Governor General Foot Guards are going to be performing the Change of the Guard for The Rolling Barrage. After the speeches and many opportunities for discussion, photos, and presentations it will soon become time to saddle up the Iron Horses and continue our ride towards Petawawa Ontario.

This event is… I have no words, other than you have to be there.

What an event it will be. Riders, supporters, the general public, curious onlookers, special guests, speakers and dignitaries all in one place. All speaking and listening for the same reasons and purpose; the facilitation of greater mental health resources to be made towards Veterans and the Emergency Response Communities.

I feel a presence. “Why yes officers how may I help you?” Wait.. I am being put in the back of a car again! What did I do? Sure I will watch my head… gets in the back of the car. Looking towards “The Hill” through the lens of a barred window. “This is for your safety.” I am told as the car peels out ahead of the group moving towards the city limits of Ottawa.

Sometime later; enroute to Petawawa; Ontario I am let out on the side of the highway. The police cruiser; makes a U—Turn; lights flashing, the officers inside laugh and wave at me as they pass me by heading back to Ottawa. I yell; “hey wait.. I got some Tim Horton’s gift cards for you! You know for coffee and DONUTS!!!! You hear me… DONUTS!!!! I am yelling this like another famous Canadian; William Shatner did playing Captain Kirk, screaming “Khan!!!”

So I look West. I begin walking.

For those who can’t make it out; we understand. You can also make a huge difference in our success stories by going to our WEBSITE and smashing that lovely indestructible DONATE button right on our main page.
We also encourage checking out our FB page and the event listed there as we update information.