Tag someone you know who’s on the outside, who’s not part of the clique at school or the best dresser, or in supermodel shape or who might be struggling. Tag someone who needs to hear that they matter. Because they do.

The other day I was talking with a friend and overheard her say “Who’s going to find me worth anything?” and it ticked me off. Why? Because I was willing to die for her and every other social misfit out there. So this one’s for you, the kid who’s getting bullied, the single mother just getting by, the musician who’s parents wanted a quarterback, for the kid who never knew they were special to anyone. All of us, all the vets from all over the world. We were all willing to fight and die for you. That makes you pretty damned special I think.

By the way, don’t sweat the opinion of the crowd. We weren’t the cool kids either.