Well, it might be interesting to note – we now have an Ambassador program.
We would like to introduce you to our first Brand Ambassador – Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Amanda is the first ever MMI Brand Ambassador

The first thing we would like to do – tell you where she lives (online of course). She has all the socials, and some pretty awesome websites.
There great thing about having someone like her as our first Ambassador, is that she is EVERYWHERE.
Websites(opens in new tabs) – Amanda Lynn Mayhew and Just Hunt
Facebook – Fan page here and Clothing and Apparel here Give those pages a like
Twitter – Here
Instragram – Amanda Lynn Mayhew and Just Hunt
YouTube –Here
She also has links to Pinterest and LinkedIn on her website if you are so inclined.

This way there is no chance you can’t find her – as an outdoorswoman, she can easily be found.
But, when you read more into her background, you realize just how much more there is about her. These are the things that make her special to us here at Military Minds Inc.

When you see her websites, you will realize that she knows how to manage a brand. As time goes on, we hope to learn from her.

But enough of us sucking up(not really – we can’t stop saying how awesome we think she is)

She started her branding journey as a “Fytness Fanatik” and very quickly branched into Fundraising, and organized motorcycle rides for Progeria, snowmobile rides for MS to name a couple.
Diagnosed with PTSD in 2017, her support for those others she knows who struggle helps connect here to us.
This quote on her website makes us blush a little:
“Becoming a Spokesperson for an organization means dedication and belief in the association.” 

military minds hoodie leggings

There is so much more about her that we want to tell you about, but for now – please go check out her online presence, and learn about other things she advocates for – including her connection to Graves disease.

If you follow our Twitter we may have shared something a month ago that is also visible here – did you notice it.
We are bringing back hoodies to the online store. Keep an eye out there for when they pop up for public sale (coming soon).
Also coming soon is the leggings that our spokesrider is wearing.
Store upgrade announcements coming soon.

So, now you are probably asking – what is a “Brand Ambassador” for?
The reality is this:
In todays social media dominated marketplace, regulated by algorithms and filters, it is harder and harder to reach an audience. Combining forces with like minded and supportive Ambassador, like Amanda, is a critical part of how MMI will continue to rebuild itself into a PTSD awareness and fundraising powerhouse with a level of awesomeness that is not on the current scene .

Did you know…..
The motorcycle isn’t just for show – she rides. That is her ride.
She also rides on an upcoming episode of her TV show on Wild Pursuit Network (Wild TV). Its channel 140 on my Bell cable box.
Yes – you heard that right, she has a TV show – Just Hunt

And yes, we are thrilled to have wanting to be a part of our organization. If that wasn’t obvious already.

ladies top leggings

In todays marketing and social media parlance, Amanda is an “influencer”. She can bring an outside perspective, new audience, and beat us about the head and neck with a stick until we learn better.
We hope that our audience will follow her too – so, go check out the pages above, give some likes, follows and subscribes.

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As always, keep an eye on your buddies, all around the world.
– MMI Global Admins