Guest post from our Ontario lead.
Christian Carter.
All about the days he and his team have been planning.

The Rolling Barrage will be doing registrations the morning of August 10th in Montmagny; Quebec for those who have not registered online. We will also have merchandise available for sale; so, you can stock up on our sweet merchandise line; like T-Shirts, flags and so forth. All proceeds go towards helping Veterans and the Emergency Responder Community across Canada. So that shirt or flag you buy in Montmagny; Quebec has the potential to help someone in an entirely different province. How is that for influencing at the national level.

After the usual shining up the bikes, test running them, quick fuel up of both gas and coffee; it is then everyone’s favorite part, the Safety Briefing. Ok.. maybe not exactly the favorite part of the ride, but a necessary and required one. We will be kick stands up and leave Montmagny Quebec the morning of August 10th (Saturday).

“Do de do….” Lovely Quebec views along the way. Wait!!! What is that we see on the horizon. That shining light; beacon of hope and adventure!!! “Angels singing in the background.” It’s, it’s… cue the music…

Onto to Ontario… “A Place To Ride! A Place to Go! Ontar..arie…arie…o…”

Ok.. so I took some liberties there poaching an old Ontario Tourism songs from back in the day and making it our own… sorta.

Our first scheduled stop in Ontario is Hawkesbury!

This is the birthplace of rock guitarist Brian Greenway of April Wine and Bob Hartley; former head coach of the NHL’s Calgary Flames. There is even an arena in Hawkesbury named after him. It still doesn’t beat Tim Horton who has buildings, Tim Horton’s, across Canada named after him; and he was a Toronto Maple Leaf! Just saying…

The town of Hawkesbury is really cool and I will tell you why. Their motto. “Vaillant et Veillant” or for those that don’t speak French; that is “Valiant and Vigilant.” The Rolling Barrage; a cross-Canada motorcycle ride to bring awareness to mental health such as PTSD in Veterans – Serving and Retired and the greater Emergency Services Community of Police, Fire and EMS. If that is not “Vaillant et Veillant” “Valiant and Vigilant” than I don’t know what is.

After all the excitement of entering Ontario; and riding into Hawesbury, The Rolling Barrage will need a place to park the motorcycles, grab a quick shower, change of clothes, and place to rest. We got that covered! Below are the details!

Hawkesbury — Quality Inn
1575 Tupper St.
Hawkesbury ON
K6A 3T5
1 613 632 5941
$129.99 + tax

We are also working out the details on a BBQ dinner. More details on that will be provided when all logistical aspects are finalized. When you are getting the support of The Rolling Barrage much like we have in Minto; New Brunswick of a town; that says a lot about Hawkesbury and the people within.

Hawkesbury is very crucial actually in this ride through Ontario. This is where the final last-minute meetings, staging and details will be finalized for our ride into… looks around… Ottawa! That’s right! We are coming back… kind of passing through the following day, going to occupy Parliament Hill for a couple of hours. Wait.. did I just say that? Okay I did; but not occupy like in a bad way; occupy like in having a whole pile of motorcycles; a tractor trailer, support vehicles and then the RCMP, Ottawa Police, and Parliament Security.. and … wait .. wait.. wait…

So, before anyone thinks the police are there to break this up; or keep an eye on us; they are there to Support Us, and The Rolling Barrage. Do you know how many donuts that took! None actually; but you know our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement always like a good donut joke. *sigh* I can see my name soon to be on a Wanted List.

We also have some really cool things going down in Ottawa; which I will mention in another blog post.

The Rolling Barrage also has a fantastic Online Auction. We have had in our 2 previous Cross Country rides Online Auctions and they keep getting better and better. This year is no exception. Our Online Auction is live for the full duration of the run across Canada. It ends when the ride ends. So, you have to keep an eye on the bids others make and try to outbid them for some really cool stuff. Details of the Online Auction will also be discussed in another online blog post. So keep your eyes out for further posts.

Lastly this ride is about you. Everyone rides on various other events and we appreciate that too. The motorcycle riding community is crucial in several fund-raising efforts not only in Canada, but in the United States and globally. Riding with us; Helping our Veteran and Emergency Responder Community with funds to support donations to organizations that offer programs or retreats; or the tools such as a portable sawmill to build a retreat is also greatly needed. We can’t do it alone.  

Riding with us whether it is from one leg of our journey, or the whole country; or however long you can ride with us is important. Every kilometer, every mile, every stop we make presents an opportunity for you to help us tell the stories that need to be told.  We have had riders who because of the challenges with mental health rode only alone; for their own reasons; who now ride with us; some a leg, some the whole country.

What about those that don’t ride? You can help too. Well, you are more important than you may think. Everyone who does this ride; loves and appreciates the support we get from all the communities we travel through.

Meeting us at our various stops along the way; just like in Hawkesbury for example. Meet our riders, support crew; ask questions, take photos, talk about your experiences with family and friends on social media you had with us. Individuals, families, friends, if you visit us on our journey; buy a shirt, where proceeds go towards The Rolling Barrage’s efforts; that is fantastic as well.

For those that just can’t make it for whatever reason, visit our website and right on our main page is the beautiful DONATE button. Go ahead, smash it.. you are not going to hurt it. It is virtual and really likes it to be honest. Our webmaster built it to take excessive DONATION punishment. Smash that DONATE button. I challenge someone to break it.

Donate whatever you can; no amount is too low; and of course; we love the big rollers with deep pockets who really smash it; you big rollers know what I am talking about. We love you both. Veterans and the Emergency First Responders who benefit in the end love you too.

If you are a company or a private business and want to help us as well; whether it is a monetary or product donation; contact us Via our website

In closing… I know what you are saying.. “finally!!!” Join us in Hawkesbury; Ontario or join us anywhere along our route. As a rider, a supporter, a fan, or even those who try to break our DONATION button on our website.

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