You want to read this post!!!!!
Have you ever wanted to ride across Canada?
The biggest challenge is  – that to go all the way across, means that you need to go back…. All that way.

What if we could solve that problem for you?

Yes, we are serious.

Indian Motorcycles is making one hell of a great offer.   Remember in 2017, our very first year – they gave us a bike that our fearless leader rode across Canada. 
This time it is a little different.
They are making a motorcycle available for a deserving individual at Freedom Cycle – HALIFAX (click for website), which that person can ride to Sea to Sky Motorsports in VANCOUVER (click for website)

What is the catch?
Well this isn’t a free trip, you still need to cover your airfare, fuel, food, and lodging expenses.
The Rolling Barrage will gift you the registration costs – please buy a shirt from us.
There are other catches – as this is a PTSD awareness and fundraising ride, we are only accepting applications from the Canadian Military and First Responder communities(I’m sorry, canucks only).

The first bike that was ridden was sold by the west coast dealership – to a first responder – do you remember seeing those photos on our social media (Link to our instagram post HERE).

Just think – you don’t have to ship your personal bike, and just bring your riding gear with you.  Then we connect you with – 2019 Chieftain Dark Horse, White Smoke(Link HERE) at Freedom Cycle Halifax.

This is free to enter.  Of course, we need to make some hoops for you to jump through.  This is for a deserving individual.  To apply, you must send us an application. 

The application must include:
1.  Tombstone data – your name, birthday, where you are from etc.
2.  Field of employment and history – include a reference or method of verification(photo would be good) that you are a member of the Military or First responder community.
3.  How many years have you been riding?  What kind of bike do you have?
4.  Send us a recent photo of you and your current bike that we may use for social media and promotion purposes.
5. A short explanation of why we should select you(at least 100 words – aim for 300 – might be a little long at 500) .

Send this all by email to, with “I WANT TO RIDE WITH YOU” as the subject.

These applications will be accepted from now until 1800 hrs (6pm) Eastern Time on SUNDAY 14 July 2019 – you know like in Toronto, center of Canada…….

Acceptable entries that have met the criteria, will be assessed by an independent panel of judges across Canada (who are so secret, we haven’t even told them they are doing it yet – but they will be people in the TRB and MMI hierarchy) and scored/ranked.  Best overall score wins.

The fine print –
We will promote your participation in the ride – your photo will be taken, we will treat you like a mini celebrity, we hope you have to do media interviews, and we are going to tell the world about you.

Keep in mind –
You will need to buy your plane tickets to Halifax, and home from Vancouver. 
That is why this is short time frame – we just got confirmation from Indian that this is going to happen, and we want to choose the person so that they can buy their airline tickets ASAP.
This is a long trip – 6 to 21 August, thousands of Kms. Are you ready for it?

More fine print –
you will need insurance, talk to your insurance company to see if your current policy will cover you.  In some provinces – (my past experience has shown me) it might just be a $40 clause on your current policies to cover a borrowed bike.
Yes, there will be a waiver to sign – if you drop the bike, you will need to fix it or buy it etc (hence the insurance)

This opportunity may only come up once – we apologize for the short notice – but it just came to us, so we are jumping all over it to make it beneficial to you.

How would you feel walking up to the back of this machine everyday for a couple of weeks?

We know, we feel it too.

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We will email all the information to the judges across Canada to assess right away.