This is The Rolling Barrage 2020 – Information Package for Friday August 21st; Abbotsford, British Columbia to Kelowna, British Columbia.  Below is the Maps – Routes – Captain Sheets for Friday August 21st; Abbotsford, British Columbia to Kelowna, British Columbia. It will contain information on Hotel Locations, Registration, Rest and Fueling Stops and General Event type information as well. Understand please that in some areas due to Provincial or Municipal COVID-19 Health Orders; events as in previous years with The Rolling Barrage are scaled down.

Maps – Routes – Information

Important Information – The Rolling Barrage 2020 – has two consecutive rides on Friday August 21st to The Rolling Barrage 2020 Event Finalein Kelowna, British Columbia. The Saturday August 22nd ride from Kelowna BC – Vancouver BC was changed to Abbotsford BC – Kelowna BC for Friday August 21st to coincide with the Cranbrook to Kelowna ride. The Grand Finale Event will be at Gasoline Alley – Harley Davidson in Kelowna BC on Friday August 21st starting from 5:00 pm forward.

Below is the Rolling Barrage 2020 – Waiver. Every rider who participates in the The Rolling Barrage are asked to please fill it out and bring it with them. There will also be copies of the Waiver available. Support vehicles are really minimized this year due to inter-provincial travel restrictions and isolation orders. You can download the document below.

Waiver – The Rolling Barrage 2020

Below is our COVID-19 Precautions – The Rolling Barrage 2020. This is a general information document/poster that points out precautionary and common sense actions that you as a rider or participant of The Rolling Barrage 2020 can practice. Every province and municipality across Canada has general information with respect to Health Orders. It is the riders and participants responsibility to understand, follow and be prepared when it comes to the Health and Safety of yourself and others. You can download the document below.

COVID-19 Precautions – The Rolling Barrage 2020

Below is the COVID-19 Declaration Form – The Rolling Barrage 2020. This document will be available where applicable, such as Ontario where contact tracing for events is a requirement. The Rolling Barrage 2020 – Waiver is good in the majority of circumstances for tracking purposes of riders and participants. As business establishments open up in their respective Provincial or Municipal Opening Phases; it is possible that you will be asked to provide or declare in some manner information such as your name, contact phone number and potentially general state of health. While ultimately we cannot force anyone to fill out the form if asked; or to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); it will limit your ability in some measure to potentially enter fuel and rest stops, food and snack stops, an organized event; or potentially registering and obtaining your hotel accommodations. You can download and review the document below.

COVID-19 Declaration – The Rolling Barrage 2020

Below is The Rolling Barrage 2020 – Safety Briefing. This document will be read through or communicated to riders and participants at Registration and Stop Locations where riders and participants join the main body en-route between major start point and end point locations. It is every riders responsibility for the general upkeep and maintenance of their motorcycle, plates, registration and insurance and being appropriately licensed to operate. You can download and review the document below.

Safety Briefing – The Rolling Barrage 2020

Merchandise – The Rolling Barrage 2020 is available from our website. Due to the logistical challenges of bringing support vehicles to the east coast, then proceeding across country; the decision to use the website for merchandise purchases was made. The items that you purchase help Military Minds Inc in supporting organizations with Mental Health and Wellness Programs for Veterans and First Responders. 2020 is an extremely challenging year for charities and not for profit organizations. We appreciate everyone and every organization or business who contributes either by Registering Online; In Person, Purchasing Merchandise or Donating Directly. Our sincerest Appreciation and Thank You. You can purchase Merchandise or Donate Directly from the link below.