Last year, Indian Motorcycles provided a bike for Scott Casey to ride across Canada.

Do you ever wonder what happened to the bike after the ride?
Well – we found out and its a cool story.

Many people saw great photos of the Chieftain Limited in picturesque locations all across Canada.

At the conclusion of the ride the Chieftain was returned in pristine condition to Indian Corporate at their Sea to Sky dealership in Langley, BC.

In spring 2018, a fellow by the name of Mark Lau went to that dealership in search of a motorcycle that spoke to his desire to ride something personal. A bike that, as we riders say, spoke to his heart.

That motorcycle was the Indian Chieftain Limited from The Rolling Barrage. In speaking with the sales associate he learned of the bikes general history and knew it was the one.

So what sparked Mark’s keen interest in this bike? 
Mark Lau is a 3rd generation, 24 year Paramedic. He has seen his fair share of the grim side of being a first responder. The memories of many difficult nights as the first person on the scene.
When he learned that this Chieftain Limited was a focal point of the inaugural ride for veterans and first responders he knew it was meant to be.

Mark did some digging and sent Scott a brief email about his purchase.

With a few follow up conversations, it was decided that is important to showcase his new motorcycle for him. The Rolling Barrage will provide Mark with a framed photo of his Chieftain Limited during the ride as well as a letter of authenticity.

We also look forward to an opportunity for Mark to join the 2018 ride at some point this year, and we will ensure to post on social media for all.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.
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