In 2018, the Canadian Walk for Veterans had its first national event in locations all across Canada.

The purpose of the walk, which was sponsored by EQUITAS SOCIETY, was simple – it was designed to unify the veteran community and provide public awareness of the challenges faced by veterans.

Many people misunderstood the intent and thought it was a fundraiser for EQUITAS SOCIETY but it wasn’t. Registration fees covered all the costs of putting on the walk which included challenge coins received by all registered participants.

With the courts dealing a fatal blow to the EQUITAS society, the vision of the Walk needed to be redefined.  The new vision for the Walk is for Canadians and Veterans to walk shoulder to shoulder in celebration of the contributions made by the men and women who have served with pride, dignity and courage in the Canadian Armed Forces past and present.

Stepping away (pun intended) from EQUITAS and lawsuit awareness, the new vision for the Walk is that it now also has a fundraising component to help veterans.

Military Minds Inc is proud to state, that they (CWFV) asked us how the Walk could best support veterans across the country with the proceeds from this year’s walk.  We were very happy to give our opinion, and thrilled that they are going to support the same focus points that we are supporting in 2019.

The 2019 Canadian Walk For Veterans will occur in cities across Canada on October 19th.  Currently listed as 6 cities, we hope that more locations will get added as planning teams form up.
Check out their website and their social media links.

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