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Dispatches – The MMI Adventure Ride

Military Minds Inc, the driving force behind The Rolling Barrage, is excited to announce Dispatches; a 11-day, 5361 km loop adventure ride originating from Quebec City and tracing the coastal routes of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence as well as the wilds of the Trans Labrador highway and Northern Quebec! If you are the type of motorcyclist who would sometimes rather trade the ease and comfort of the blacktop for something more exciting, challenging and exclusive, then this is the ride for you! 

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The Canadian Military Tribute Truck Video

As Military Minds Inc grows our volunteers get the opportunity to meet many amazing people and many amazing organizations. One of our many friends had the opportunity to have his tribute truck videoed by a young man, who has taken the time to create an amazing video about the tribute truck and will be donating any money made from the video to a veterans charity called Can Praxis.

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