Today, October 3rd, is the 21st anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu. It was the inspiration for several books, and later a film, Blackhawk Down. 18 American servicemen fell, and 73 were wounded. 2 Posthumous Medals of Honor were awarded to MSG Gary Ivan Gordon, 33, and SFC Randy Shughart, 35, who died protecting the crew and crash site of Blackhawk Super Six-Four. Numerous other decorations were awarded for valor in the aftermath of the battle.

The images of the bodies of Gordon and Shughart being dragged through the streets after the battle provided me, at the tender age of 10, with one of my earliest memories of hate.

The United Nations withdrew on March 3rd of 1994, and the US withdrew from Somalia March 25th of 1994. Take the time today to remember the men and women who stood on the line during times of “peace”. There were many, and they walk among us in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s now. Thank those who are left. Remember those who fell. You will never be forgotten.
~ Bison