Ok folks, just a gentle nudge nudge…
Have you booked your rooms yet?

As the ride gets closer, some of the hotels want to use the rooms we haven’t booked. Some of the hotels gave us deadlines of when rooms needed to be booked by.
The longer version post of all the accommodations listed is found HERE

I will also paste the graphic of all the listings together in one spot below this.
Some of the hotels have given us cutoff dates that may not be included before… example – the Clansmen Hotel called today, less than half the rooms (that we blocked off) are booked, so we have until this sunday to get what we need – otherwise they will sell them off to others at their regular price.

It makes sense – if they have no rooms left, it doesn’t make good business for them to turn customers away when we haven’t used the rooms we said we “might”.

list of 2019 hotels TRB

If part of the problem is that you don’t have a roomie and need someone to share – we have a solution for you.
When we share this on the Facebook page – I will pin this post to the top.
In the comments, if you are looking to share a room with someone – speak up. If you have a room, and wish to share to cut costs – mention it there.

It just makes sense.

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