As with all good military operations (ok and the bad ones too), the post event work is just as important as the planning and execution.
We turn to our fellow riders, fans, and everyone, to help identify lessons that we need to learn for future events.

There are a couple ways to give us your feedback.
The first method – and of course our preferred method – is by email.
Please send an email to Rob, our planning minion (those that rode in the west – saw the minion) “planningminion(at)” (cheesy attempt email address security intentional)

In that email tell us –
1 – The most important things that you think we need to keep doing – no limit to how many, but what was most important things that we did correctly? these are the things to keep doing, and are on the right track – even if we didn’t do it perfectly –

2 – The most important things that we need to fix.  No limit, but remember that this was only our first event, and mistakes were made (many you didn’t see), but tell us what we did wrong, and if you have suggestions to fix it or out right – DON’T DO IT AGAIN.  Let us know the bad and ugly of how things went this event – don’t be shy.

3 – if you would be interested in helping out in the future – please let us know.  Many hands make light work, and events of this epic-ness, is a lot of work.

4 – then feel free to insert any random thoughts or commentary about what you want us to know about your participation in THE ROLLING BARRAGE 2017.

The main reason that this is the preferred method, is so that we can reach out to you to ask questions for clarification etc(we have your email address after all).  We will be emailing every email address that we have, so you might see this more than once.

The second method is an anonymous google survey.  It makes it harder to have discussion – but if you have a comment that you would like to be a secret admirerer of ours – please CLICK HERE (opens in a new tab).

We are very open to feedback, and don’t have feelings that can be hurt.
Please keep in mind – this years event was conducted with a small number of volunteers (fair bit less than 20), and we know mistakes were made.
We acknowledge that we may not have the horsepower to implement every suggestion – but we will at least know where to prioritize efforts.

Thank you for your time and effort towards making future events bigger and better.
Please let us know your thoughts as soon as possible so that these items may be incorporated into the event summary book(maybe not a book – but longwinded report) that Rob is writing.