2018 Full Pull rider Karen, has a long flowing head of hair – she has agreed to let us cut it off – if donations make it to the right price.
We are confident they will. Here is her story about why she has chosen to do this.

I was so excited to hear about TRB ride across Canada, I wanted to do it the first year, but could not get the time off of work.  So I was able to join TRB last year ( now retired), I did the “Full Pull”, from Halifax to Victoria. What a fabulous experience!! I met so many wonderful people, and appreciated the beauty our country has to offer.
Every morning we would dedicate that day to a Veteran who had committed suicide…My heart was breaking and tears flowing hearing their stories!

Then during our breaks I heard more gut wrenching stories from these awesome but still hurting people. The average person (me), has not a clue what they went through and how little help is available.

My dad was in the army during WW2, he never mentioned what he did or saw…His only complaint was his very sore arthritic feet from so much marching. Growing up I thought he was a dick…now I understand that he had PTSD. 
I had a brother join the Navy at a young age, but he was only in for a few years.
Another brother committed suicide Dec. 1974..My parents felt so much pain and guilt when this happened…I was in shock for months.

So this year, my plans are to join TRB in Saskatoon and ride to Burnaby with them.

My hearts desire is to do more…give more to this great cause, to help our Veterans and 1st Responders with PTSD!
So if I can raise $3000,
by August 20th, in Kelowna at the Harley Davidson dealer…

They can shave my hair off!

If you would like to donate to help Karen reach her goal – you can email transfer a donation to

If the banking asks to use a password, please use – Haircut

We posted about this on our FB page awhile ago – and we will continue to update the progress. Here is a LINK to the FB post about it.

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After the ride, the haircut, and everything is said and done – her grand total was $5281.90

Some videos of the haircut posted Here and Part 2 is Here