Ok folks,
The time is here – 2019 Registration is OPEN

In trying to improve over past years, we worked to simplify how the information and flow is presented in our online store.
If you wish to rush ahead and not read any more explanation – click HERE

Our 2019 registration is broken down by days again. Variable between 1 to 11+.
There are shirt/swag packages available for the longer haul registrations.
If you are just jumping on the ride for a day or 2, shirt/swag purchases will be extra.

Please read the description of the registration package you are purchasing to know what comes with the purchase. Last year we had some confusion, but that was our fault – people needed to identify a shirt size to continue, even if they didn’t have a shirt purchased. That is fixed this year.

These prices are the EARLY BIRD prices.
These prices will only last until JULY 1st.
After that, they go up slightly, and the limited edition items go away, as does the extra swag.

We will make a seperate post about the 2019 limited edition long sleeve shirt within a week or 2.
They will only be available for purchase as part of an 8 day(or greater) package, or very soon as a seperate shirt purchase (should have the graphics done soon). Subscribe to our website (at the bottom of the page) to be notified when we launch it in the store.

We are asking people to indicate the day they expect to join the ride. We understand plans change, but we are just asking to have a rough number of people for the days. Planning our lunch stops etc.
So, please give your best guess, and if it changes – we understand.

We know there will be questions. Please ask, and we will do our best to answer.