So, the time is hear and registration is OPEN.
But before we give you the link to click – we should chat.

We need to be honest. This is a fundraiser. Our goal is to turn a profit from peoples participation.
Our registration fee is low, as we keep our costs low, and we try to plan the trip so that your participation doesn’t blow your budget.
So, we are going to do things a little different.

Our Registration fee for the entire loop is $130.00
We will give you a shirt, patch, and a sticker too.
Our biggest ask/requirement – if you are going the whole distance – we ask that you fundraise at least $500. Ask your friends to pledge you, do a bottle drive, ask your boss at work, sell a kidney, whatever it takes.

Full loop participation will be limited to 20 bikes. The first 20 to sign up – win.
The win for us, is that 20 bikes, at minimum $500 fundraising each, means that this event turns a profit of at least $10,000.00 for our supported programs.

But wait, there is more.

The Dispatches Adventure ride understands that not everyone is able to conduct the complete loop. There are always challenges such as work (yes the 4 letter word that interferes with riding time), plus the full loop will be a daunting challenge. So, you want to ask – how else can a person support Dispatches?
We have an answer for that.

Daily registration is available. So, if you only want to join for the first bit, do the RV party in Charlottetown with those fine folks from The Rolling Barrage, then head back to east with them(yes, that is completely an option you can do – hint hint). Ask us how.
Or conversely, from Nfld and want to join in NB for the ride back – yes you can.

Our one day pass, is $30.00 and we ask for fundraising of $30.00.
so – 2 days is $60, and $60.
A one day pass gets you a decal or a sticker.

So, please remember – when you register, you are committing to fundraise and agree to show up with the minimum amount.
As we don’t have FAQ, as we never put this out there for questions……
To answer questions we can think of before they are asked:
If you ride for 5 days, your registration fee becomes the maximum as if it were full loop. And fundraising is still $30 a day you participate.
We won’t kick in the extra swag, because the fundraising goals for full loop is larger, and we are limiting the number of full loop participants.
Some shirts will be available for purchase, but not very many extra – watch the online store and subscribe for updates, when we launch them.

Thanks for reading along all this way – Registration is available in the shop HERE
Consider subscribing to the website, and you will get email notifications when we announce things like -the design of the shirt that will be available.. it looks an awful lot like the logo (hint hint – is that very subtle?)
Let us know of any questions.