Every year, we have a small run of a product that you only have a small window to get your hands on.
This is that item for 2019.

Past years, we had a long sleeve shirt that was only available for a limited time.

This was our 2017 Inuagural presentation – also had a short sleeve version

Our 2018 Shirt was RED – that got some peoples attention.

white long sleeve

This is the 2019 version.
Trying to be different every year.

The Limited edition shirt can be obtained in 2 ways.
The most fun way – Ride with us and register for 8 days or more, and it will be included in your registration cost.
The not as much fun way – is to buy it from the store – it will be listed for sale for a short period of time. Then on July 1st – we count them up and go to print. We don’t make more than a handful of extra (seriously – we only round up to the nearest batch size as needed by our printer) so there will not likely be any spares when TRB rolls through your town.

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