Well, the time has come.  Starting NOW– online pre-registration is OPEN.

Here is everything you need to know about 2018 registration, and why you should register online – RIGHT NOW.

Pricing –
1 Day – $30
2-3 Days – $50.  You get a bandana included
4-5 Days – $70.  Includes – bandana, 12×18 TRB flag,
6-8 days – $90. Includes – bandana, flag, and TRB standard shirt
8-10 days – $110.  Includes bandana, flag, standard shirt, and 2018 limited edition shirt
11 days or more – $130.  You get – both shirts, flag, bandana, and our challenge coin.

If you are carrying a passenger – the following additional costs apply:
1 Day – $15
2-3 Days – $25.  Your passenger gets a bandana if on the ride longer than 2 days.
4-5 Days – $35.
6-8 days – $45.
8 -10 days – $55.
11 days or more – $65.

NB- Adding a passenger is part of the registration process – if you do not have a passenger, you will need to select NO from the options before it will allow you to continue.

This offer is limited – only until July 1st.

On that day, we count up the orders and start printing shirts, flags etc.  That will be the only way to guarantee that you get your hands on one.

On July 1st to August 5th – you can still register for the ride, at the above listed prices – but you won’t get any of the early bird merchandise.  You can still order our stock standard shirt if you wish – but the red shirt will not be available for purchase after the 1st of July.  The Rolling Barrage and Military Minds Inc make no guarantees that there will be any extra stock of the RED shirt without pre-order.  If we print extras – it will be only to round up our order to a convenient number (so probably less than a handful).

On August 6th, the prices will increase, and you can only register at designated points on the ride.  These points will be highlighted in a future blog post that will list all our morning departure points, and the associated lunch stops/events along our route where people can meet up with the pack in an orderly fashion.

Registration costs after 6 Aug, which will be by cash or credit card.
1 Day – $40
2-3 Days – $60
4-5 Days – $80
6-8 days – $100
8-10 days – $120
11 days or more – $140

Passenger cost increase as well:
1 Day – $20
2-3 Days – $30.
4-5 Days – $40.
6-8 days – $50.
8 -10 days – $60.
11 days or more – $70.

If you are unable to attend the ride, and wish to purchase some of the items – or you are attending the ride and want some more shirts or other swag items, our online store is ready for that too.
We have many items to choose from.  Shipping costs will apply to orders that are not being picked up on the ride.


Store items        cost
Bandana  $          5.00
Small TRB flag (12×18 inch)  $        25.00
Military Minds Large Flag (3×5 feet)  $        60.00
The Rolling Barrage Large Flag (3×5 feet) ***(see note)  $        60.00
Standard Barrage T mens  $        25.00
Standard Barrage T ladies  $        25.00
2017 graphic T  $        30.00
2017 Graphic long sleeve  $        40.00
Coins  $        30.00
2018 red long sleeve  $        40.00

**** Note – Large flags will be available in both “Military Minds Inc” and “The Rolling Barrage” logos.

Just to repeat myself – the 2018 RED shirt, is only available until JULY 1st.  We make no promises of availability outside this period of time, and they most likely won’t be available at our swag table – order yours NOW.

If you are purchasing extra shirts etc, or if your registration package comes with swag items, when you show up to meet the ride,  your purchases will be individually bagged and tagged with your name on them for when you check in with the registration desk.  That is why we will be asking you to indicate the date you are joining the ride as part of the registration process.

Coming up soon – (May 7th) all the hotel deals that we have organized will be announced in a post just like this – put your email address in the subscribe box at the bottom of this page, and it will be immediately emailed to you when we post it.
Shortly after that – we will be posting all the specifically designated registration stops across Canada that you can join the ride.  This will be where we will have a registration table set up and time will be set aside to incorporate people joining.

Please share this information to all your riding friends.

Thanks for your support.
– TRB planning team