Well, the day is here – we start telling you about 2018.  This is our dates and DRAFT route.
The bottom will have things laid out as a chart, so if you don’t want to look at the pictures, and read some of the other points – by all means – scroll down.
The routes and roads here are purely a plan starting point – we have not yet confirmed with local area subject matter experts, nor had accomodations and other factors such as fuel stops or meal timings been put into place.  We are also looking into trying to avoid rush hours, and other traffic dilemnas.

click on any image to enlarge it.

THE ROLLING BARRAGE 2018 will depart from Halifax Nova Scotia on the morning of August 6th.  Thats the long weekend holiday monday for anyone thinking that riding out to the east over the weekend, then riding back with the Barrage….. hint hint.
This day will see us departing to the east along the eastern shore, then cutting north and heading for the ferry that will take us to PEI.  Once off the ferry, we move into Charlottetown.

August 7th
Departing Charlottetown, it was suggested that the ride could make some noise and pass by the offices of VAC…. its an idea. We will cross the Confederation Bridge (toll to be paid) and head for Oromocto.

August 8th
Orocmocto to Riviere de Loup.
All freeway. 🙁

August 9th
Riviere de Loup to TerreBonne (north side Montreal)
More freeway

August 10th
Terrebonne to Petawawa
some freeway, some secondary roads – through Ottawa avoiding rush hour traffic.

August 11th
Petawawa to Barrie
secondary roads mostly

August 12th
Barrie to Sault Ste Marie
First of some long, big distance, days – mostly secondary highways

August 13th
SSM to Thunder Bay

August 14th
Thunder Bay to Winnipeg

August 15th
Winnipeg to Regina

August 16th
Regina to Saskatoon

August 17th
Saskatoon to Edmonton
all Yellowhead highway

August 18th
Edmonton to Calgary
likely secondary roads via the badlands/Drumheller.

August 19th
Calgary to Jasper
via Scenic Icefields Parkway (park pass necessary)


August 20th
Jasper to Kamloops
Yellowhead highway

August 21st
Kamloops to Langley

avoid the Coq, but can’t avoid all the freeways

August 22nd
Langley to Victoria
Ferry crossing.

These are the dates so that people can start to plan their vacation time, and other ride plans – so if people want to use the long weekend in August to go from Ontario to Halifax, then Barrage back… or Sask/Alberta to Vancouver Island at the end, then you have time to lolligag your way back to Alberta etc.

We are working on building the accomodations plan, events plan, and will broadcast those items as we continue.
There are many variables that we will be working on to make things enjoyable and they will take time to plan.
As we grow, we need to manage our volunteers better so that they are more effectively/efficiently used.  So, this means we are building the task lists/job descriptions so that volunteers know what they are signing up for.  If you are interested in joining our merry team to execute this epic event, please email your details, experience, location, when you expect to be on the ride, and desired tasks etc to “planningminion@gmail.com”.  We already have a list of people that emailed us at the end of the ride, and we will be emailing all the potential volunteers at once when we are ready to put names to jobs.
We will try to best match the jobs we need with your skills and desires.

Here is a quick table of everything I just typed up.

August date         start         end distance remarks
Mon 6 Halifax Charlottetown 256 ferry.  Holiday Monday
Tue 7 Charlottetown Oromocto 320 bridge toll
Wed 8 Oromocto Riviere De Loup 403
Thu 9 Riviere De Loup Terrebonne 442
Fri 10 Terrebonne Petawawa 354
Sat 11 Petawawa Barrie 440
Sun 12 Barrie Sault Ste Marie 593
Mon 13 Sault Ste Marie Thunder Bay 706
Tue 14 Thunder Bay Winnipeg 699
Wed 15 Winnipeg Regina 570
Thu 16 Regina Saskatoon 259
Fri 17 Saskatoon Edmonton 570
Sat 18 Edmonton Calgary 350
Sun 19 Calgary Jasper 380 park pass
Mon 20 Jasper Kamloops 441
Tue 21 Kamloops Langley 400
Wed 22 Langley Victoria 350 ferry

so glad to have your interest already, please spread the word and tell others, check out (and like/follow) our social media pages.
More information will be coming as we continue to grow, and make things bigger and better.