Two Worlds Apart

How is it that as people we can sit in the same rooms and be two worlds apart from each other. I am finding this to be a current and reoccurring issue with my wife as many of us I am sure have found us to be in the same situations. Time and time again I read stories where us as Service Members and Veterans have our worlds fall apart due to the ones we love not understanding the people that we are in todays sense of the word. How is this so possible, where have we gone wrong? Well …

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People say, “You’re so philosophical now.”After 22yrs of dealing with demons of what cannot be unseen, sometimes conquering, sometimes failing miserably, I have spent many days in reflection. To find some semblance of balance is one of the keys to dealing with PTSD. Balance comes through understanding. Balance, Peace…call it what you may. ~Bronco

Questions We Get

What a lot of people see in civilian life is that we aren’t the norm and we are not unchanged by what we have seen as brief as it is some times combat is a bitch and we live by rules even coming home.- like don’t tell your family the whole truth they won’t understand.- every one around you doesn’t care they just want a story . Questions we get:- why don’t you just get over it you aren’t there any more , -why do you duck when there’s a loud noise , -why are you always looking at every one every …

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